Do you have a novel or memoir that needs feedback? I’d love to help!
Writing a novel happens in many phases, from that initial spark of inspiration, to translating your vision onto the page, to countless rounds of revision. There are important moments during this process when every writer needs a fresh set of eyes, someone to review the work objectively with only one goal in mind: helping make the work as strong as it can possibly be.

My Approach
My goal is to give you specific and meaningful feedback that addresses, at a developmental level, the craft elements critical to the overall success of any novel or memoir, including:

  • Narrative Drive: is the reader sufficiently engaged from the first page through to the last? Is there sufficient tension? Are there high stakes? Is there an interesting and/or urgent question that propels the story, and is it satisfactorily resolved by the end?
  • Character Development: are your characters (major and minor) fully realized? Is the arc of your main character(s) clearly defined and compelling? Is the plot directly tied to the core issue(s) the protagonist needs to learn over the course of the story?
  • Story Logic: as the plot unfolds, does the story hang together? Is the key information about characters and events, backstory and new discoveries effectively revealed (or withheld) from the reader to maximum effect?
  • Structure: is the story’s structure (point of view, timelines, pace, etc.) a good fit with the theme, plot, and characters?
  • World Building: is the time and place of the story well defined/described such that the reader is grounded in the protagonist’s world? Does the setting/environment play an active role in the protagonist’s journey?
  • Layer and Nuance: Are there interesting and relevant subplots, secondary characters, and multiple points of crisis and resolution that provide texture and depth?

My manuscript consultation is not intended to be a detailed line edit. While I will surely offer feedback on overall writing style, insert comments about specific scenes, descriptions, or plot points, and will highlight passages in your manuscript that are particularly wonderful or might need work, the primary focus is on story-level components of the work as a whole.

With a FULL MANUSCRIPT CONSULT, you will receive:

  • A detailed editorial letter that will address the strength of your book in relation to each of the elements mentioned above—a deep dive into overall craft and technique, akin to one architect reviewing another’s blueprint for strength and soundness, if you will.
  • The editorial note will also offer my “reader’s reaction” to the book, including which characters, storylines and plot points are most engaging, which I need to be further developed, and if there are any spots that popped me out of the story.
  • Comments in the text of your manuscript document will point to specific places (distinct passages, plot beats, character or setting descriptions) as examples of what is hitting the mark or what needs further work. I believe that understanding what IS working can be as important as considering what might need to be reworked. You can expect a healthy portion of both.
  • A 90-minute discussion via Zoom (once you have had a chance to digest the editorial letter) to answer clarifying questions you may have and talk through any thorny issues.
  • The goal is for you to come away with a clear plan of attack as you head into your next round of revisions.

Timeline: schedule permitting, this typically takes 2-3 weeks, but precise timing on your end and mine will need to be confirmed in advance

This is a detailed review of your first 50 pages (roughly 12,000 – 15,000 words max). While the scope of feedback is obviously limited to the material presented, the opening of your book sets the foundation for each of the craft elements mentioned above. As is often said, the most important thing is to compel the reader (or agent/acquiring editor) to turn from page one to page two, from chapter one to chapter two… Is everything in place in your early pages to ensure that level of engagement?

A Mini-Consult can be effective for writers at both ends of spectrum:
Writers who have already made extensive revisions to their manuscript (likely after receiving feedback from beta readers or other editorial consultants) and need one more set of eyes on the opening pages before querying agents or submitting to editors
A writer at a much earlier stage of the process—perhaps not yet through an entire draft, or with a finished a draft that has not yet received much feedback—who needs a gut check on whether the project is on the right track

You will receive:

  • An editorial letter with feedback regarding the craft elements above with particular focus on how well the opening pages draw the reader in and set up the book for success.
  • This will also include what expectations I believe have been set for the reader via the early pages and what questions (in a good way) I have about the rest of the story, what I am eager to find out, which character(s) I am already attached to and why.
  • A marked-up document with line-level reactions to language, scene-setting, character descriptions, etc.
  • A 30-45-minute call via Zoom to discuss the editorial letter and any quandaries you are facing as you work to get your project to the next level.

Timing: schedule permitting, this typically takes 1-2 weeks, but precise timing on your end and mine will need to be confirmed in advance
Follow-up: If you would like, a full manuscript review (of the same project) within 12 months of your Mini-Consult you will recieve a discount on the full review.

Am I the right fit for your project?
Beyond the information you can find out about me and my books on this website, I consider my strengths to be compelling storytelling through well-defined characters and immersive settings in both historical and contemporary fiction or memoir. I am also happy to review narrative non-fiction (i.e., true stories told like a novel: think Unbroken or Boys in the Boat). While I am willing to consider any project, I’m not likely the ideal consultant for fantasy, horror, or trade romance, nor am I well-suited for traditional non-fiction such as self-help, how-to books, or straight historical biography.

How to get started:
If you are interested in learning more, please submit your first 5 pages (Times New Roman, 12-point type, double-spaced) in Word or Pdf format to my email: with the subject line CONSULTATION SUBMISSION. This will allow me to get a quick sense for the work to make sure I am a good fit for the project and allow me to provide you with a price quote.

Please include the following information in the body of your email:

  • Are you interested a Full Manuscript Consultation or a Mini-Consult?
  • Working title and genre
  • Total word count (if you are requesting a Full Manuscript Consultation)
  • Where you are in your process (i.e., how much the project has or has not already been workshopped and revised)
  • Your timeline. My schedule fills up fast, so syncing your schedule with mine can be the hardest part. Please let me know your ideal timeline for submitting your manuscript (is it ready now or is there a date you are shooting for in the future?) Are you up against any specific deadlines? By what date would you ideally like to have feedback?

Given the above, I will get back to you within the week with confirmation of my availability.

Questions? Give me a shout at

I look forward to working with you!