October 13, 2016


My book hasn’t technically launched yet (one week from today!) but I have already been blessed with 3 wonderful events to give the book a head start. The first was a party I threw, complete with 3 of my favorite women reading the parts of Tess, Ellie and Joline. Thank you Janet, Eve and Mary for your wonderful renditions of my favorite imaginary friends! The room was full of so much love and support, it was impossible not to feel buoyed by everyone’s well-wishes. The second was a wonderful panel at Trident Books in Boston with Lisa Duffy, Michelle Hoover and Sally Cabot Gunning. The third happened just today, a panel called “Coffee with the Authors” hosted by my beloved local bookstore, Buttonwood Books, in Cohasset. It was a thrill to read beside Louise Miller (if you haven’t yet read “The City Baker’s Guide to Country Living” you must) and Ann Hood, who I have so long admired. Her latest, “The Book That Matters Most” will strike a chord with all book lovers.

As I enter into this territory of officially releasing into the world this work of fiction that lived only in my head and my heart for so many years, I’d just like to say a heartfelt thank you to my family and all my friends who have cheered me on and made me feel like I could actually do this thing called publish a book! As Louise said this morning (she started her book at about the same age as me—let’s just say we didn’t come to this writing thing as young chickens), for anyone who has the dream of trying something creative, it’s not too late, and it’s not worth waiting any longer. Give it a try. You just might be surprised what you are capable of!