In December, I happened to luck into several holiday-themed book groups with Christmas cheer abounding (not to mention champagne & ugly sweaters), and several hosts have served up recipes and wines from the Fill the Sky Book Group Guide (click here to get one). Mari (Portland, OR) made the yummy Andean sweet potato and lentil soup, Diane (Holliston, MA) whipped up the delicious spinach patties with salsa, and Kathleen (Cohasset, MA) made a wonderful rendition of the TresLeches desert.
NJDivas But, let me not get distracted by the food… From the “Divas” in NJ who consider themselves “ the best book group ever,” to a gathering of women in New York (which I called into) who got together just to discuss this book, these gatherings are about friendship and fun, conversation and laughter. Thank you for having me, and I can’t wait until the next one! 239634627205253.4zquuBh23Z0sibuudjA0_height640